About Us

About Us

Who we are

The EDK Oil group is a Senegalese company created in 2009 which has developed various activities around the distribution of refined hydrocarbons.
In addition to this main mission, the EDK group operates in various fields, in particular the large distribution of food products in its Low Price supermarket banners , in the bakery, pastry-ice cream shop, in money transfer points and Insurance points, and recently, in fast food with its new concept of Djolof Chicken restaurants which are deployed in various districts of Dakar as well as in the suburbs and regions.

It is a concept with varied recipes and menus that offers a wide variety of choices to its customers.
All our dishes are cooked with products from Senegalese agriculture and fishing (chickens produced by our farmers, fish and shrimps supplied by artisanal fishermen from our beautiful coasts).
Djolof Chicken is Made in Senegal at unbeatable prices.

At Djolof Chicken you will taste delicious crispy dishes that whet the appetite.
Find Djolof Chicken restaurantsat Almadies, at Point E, at Liberté 6, at Assainies plots, at the EDK Technopole station, at EDK Sicap Mbao, EDK Massalikoul Djinane and soon in other districts of Dakar as well as in the regions.

The ambition of the General Management is to extend our network and to offer Djolof Chicken restaurants in all the localities of Senegal so that they are accessible to all.
At Djolof Chicken you will live an unforgettable experience tasting the pieces of organic chicken from the country prepared according to our exclusive recipes !!!



Our Happiness

  • Thanks for making the ONLY snack that’s totally pure and tastes great too!

    • Abebe
      Cape Town
  • Thank you for your food. It’s so fresh and delicious and it takes the work and guess-work out of my busy life when it comes to eating. Djoloff Chicken is AWESOME! You have a customer for life!

    • Badu
      Stone Town
  • Fantastic snacks! The prepared foods are delicious!

    • Camara
  • Your Djoloff B are my favorite food in the world!

    • Erasto